Progresses in relationships are fulfilling. After about a year, finally made some progress with the mentee. Went out last night, talked about stuff in our lives. I was surprised that she opened up both her past and her present.

It’s also been a long time since I took an aimless walk around a mall with a friend. You know those kind where you aren’t actually shopping but just want to talk while walking? That kind. AMK Hub happened to mean a lot to us both too, though for different reasons.

Marking the night of fellowship with this post :) Also found someone to spend my birthday leave with, in Ubin wheeee!


Father of Joy

Spotted a familiar figure from the corner of my eye. Yet I know, this can’t be my very first mentor.

And as I watched on, flashbacks of how she worships came flooding in. I felt as if I was being brought back to 13 years ago when we worshipped God together. That image came up so clearly in my mind.

Suddenly, this figure turned a little. I saw the side of her face. I realised this might be someone I actually know, who actually shares the same name. Kept stealing glances from the corner of my eye. Eventually, I confirmed my suspicion, it was really the person who shares the same name.

Funny uh – but 我实在笑不出来. Why, though, did You allow this coincidence?

I really wonder how she’s doing. Totally no news of her the past few years because she’s not active on social media. I don’t even know how she looks like now.

I’m finally 26; I finally got here. I might just begin to see what you saw.

Father of Joy


Equip, so that we know our faith is not blind. Equip, so that we know what our faith stands for. Equip, so that we know how to minister to someone who’s searching for an answer today, to a question we’ve been led through by God yesterday.

Had a discussion on Facebook today, and I’m glad, and thankful.


Those Days

Didn’t get a good sleep last night though it wasn’t too bad. When the alarm rang at 6am today, I thought to myself, “I used to wake up at 5.30am everyday for school. This is not bad; at least I get another half an hour of sleep.”

Reached the meeting point on the dot. Waiting for the car to arrive.

It suddenly struck me that this feels like one of those mornings I’m excited for something. Though I suspect it’s because of the adrenaline rush from the lack of sleep, like my body usually does to get me through the day when I don’t get enough sleep. But yeah, it does feel like one of those mornings I used to wake up early to travel all the way to the east for the church’s youth camps. There’s a tinge of excitement.

I do miss feeling this way. To be looking forward to something. Those days, I looked forward to spending extended time with my friends, as well as to sit at my pastor’s feet (literally) and learn from the Word of God. To await the moment that God would come and speak, and turn my life around.

I miss having a community like that.

Those Days

Haste Makes Waste

I remember there was this year during a church conference, God gave me a vision as I was worshipping Him. It was a vision of me busy figuring how out to capture the scenery before me. I was so busy with my camera that I neglected to enjoy what was before me. I was then told to take a pause and enjoy it for what it is; don’t miss the moment.

I guess this vision kinda became quite literal and apparent to me during one of my trips last year. I was in Taiwan with a friend and we had a pair of mushrooms that glow in the dark. The minsu owner very kindly lent me his tripod because he saw that I had a DSLR in my hands and figured that I’m into photography. My friend and I brought the mushrooms back to our room. While she watched videos on her phone, there I was trying to figure out the settings on the camera to get the best shot. Switched on the lights, switched off the lights, got the torch, hit that button, rearrange my set-up, google for photography tips – put these on repeat. When I was finally satisfied, I asked her what time it was and was surprised to find out that 2 hours had gone past. Sorry heh.

That, though, made me realise there is some truth to that vision.

Fast forward to the recent episode of the ankle injury. Other than forcing me to take a break, it certainly taught me to slow down. 

Initially, I treated it as a joke when I thought to myself that I learnt that not all things can be rushed, such as buses and trains. So many times I’ve watched them pass me by right before my eyes. Yet there’s nothing I could do unless I don’t mind falling flat on my face. And even if I wanted to run for them, I could only afford to limp further with each step.

And these few days, when I put my phone down to spend time with God, I would be close to close off in prayer and pick up my phone again in less than 15 minutes. Quite a few times I thought I heard God saying to me, can’t you just wait? Okay, I can… (less than a minute later) So what am I supposed to think about or do right now? You know my mind will drift right?

And then back to my activities. If I couldn’t slow down last time, I think it has gotten worse.

I got off crutches lately, over the time I spent with my grandparents in Ipoh. Slightly before that, I started practising walking without aid and without limping. The extended (because I need not travel on my own and hence not need a crutch) practice in Ipoh helped me to be more confident and comfortable in walking. 

After the Ipoh trip, I began to pick up pace. December – I have just a month and a half left to have my ankle ready for long hikes and swims in the sea in Thailand. I got to recover as quickly as I can. It hurts less in the day and as much as I can, I try to walk without limping and quickly. My ankle often ended up hurting at night after walking too much by the end of the day.

Just this afternoon, I stood up and felt a sharp pain on my knee when I placed my weight on that injured foot. I thought it would go away after some time – you know like how sometimes our body has random but temporary pains? But it didn’t after an hour, and it got me worried. I googled and found out that apparently, a bad ankle injury can lead to injuries on the knee as it tries to compensate for what the ankle cannot do. This is not funny anymore man. And this has to happen just 4 days after my appointment with the specialist that I’ve waited 2 months for.

But yes, once again, it’s another reminder to slow down. Feel the pain, take time to nurse that injury.

Also coincided with the (recent) constant reminder to take time to feel the heartache, to acknowledge it, and take time to nurse it.

It seems like learning to slow down has been a long journey for me. Time and again, I’m reminded to slow down and take time. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. I just keep feeling the need to be doing something, to be occupied. Slow down, yes I will try. Tried walking real slow from church to the train station just now.

O God, I pray that the pains in the ankle and in the knee will not stay with me. I love and I cherish my active lifestyle and I want to get back to it. Heal me, I pray! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Haste Makes Waste

To belong

To belong is one of those things that every human desires, regardless of who you are and where you are from – a thought from 5 December 2015.

And the lack of which, makes involvement a dread. In a way, it feels like an obligation – an obligation amidst many others.

“For God’s sake” feels like a more difficult declaration lately. Dragged my feet on Sunday, only to turn around and head in the other direction. Still to service, but not with the bunch I told myself I would try be with that day.

When the thought of doing life together feels more like a desire, and far from reality. Sigh. I wish, I really do wish, that every LG day and service day are days that I look forward to each week. It’s been a long while.

Or maybe it’s just me. The problem’s always with me, isn’t it? Or at least even if the problem’s not with me, there’s nothing I can do about it. So the problem has got to be with me. Overcome it, oi.

To belong


A friend asked about the purpose of baptism in a group chat just the other day. To my surprise, these Christian guys whom I last remembered as playful boys gave convincing replies. I was bought over by what they presented as well. Apparently, they had thought long and hard over it.

That made me question my faith. Where am I on this journey? I don’t think I’m anywhere close to talking about it in such a manner. How well do I actually know my Bible? Not much, really.

Thankful that I have Christian friends outside my own church though. They help me to see beyond the bubble called “my church” and spurs me on, each in their own ways.

On another note, I need to learn to present truths to others with gentleness and not so in their face. I do love, but let love be communicated outwards the way it exists within.