It’s been a long time since I last felt strong desires within me. This also somewhat coincides with David’s FB post about teaching his students this: If you have an aspiration, go and make it happen.

This thought has been lingering in my mind. Ever since I don’t know when – because I think this hasn’t always been the case – I started to be really chill about stuff. It’s good because I don’t get overly worried. Yet this also means that I no longer pursue what I want with my best. Leave it in God’s hands, I say.

I think I mean it. But at the same time, the lesson David was trying to teach his students also made me think: Could there be a room where I push beyond limits? How about the acronym P.U.S.H. – pray until something happens? Am I missing out on some things that God would have allowed me to learn because I don’t persist?

Received the news today that the EXCO has more or less made the decision to shift us to another division. For various reasons, I’m honestly reluctant – and change is not the main reason this time. Also, still hoping that my friend will get a chance at the interview. These are two desires that are deep within my heart.

It’s… not an absolutely great feeling to have unmet desires. Or to even hold on to unmet desires. I’m still trying to figure out – to what extent do I let go, and to what extent shall I push for them. In the midst of all these praying and struggling, may I gain a deeper revelation about praying. It is also my prayer that while I push, my heart will still remain soft towards what God wants me to see.



Progresses in relationships are fulfilling. After about a year, finally made some progress with the mentee. Went out last night, talked about stuff in our lives. I was surprised that she opened up both her past and her present.

It’s also been a long time since I took an aimless walk around a mall with a friend. You know those kind where you aren’t actually shopping but just want to talk while walking? That kind. AMK Hub happened to mean a lot to us both too, though for different reasons.

Marking the night of fellowship with this post :) Also found someone to spend my birthday leave with, in Ubin wheeee!



Second visit to the Physiotherapist, but a different one today. Changed for a few reasons. I quite enjoyed today’s visit though; I think the physio fed my intellectual needs by explaining to me what’s going on in my leg. He explained what he observed and the rationale behind each exercise. Which, makes me feel assured, because it seems like he knows his stuff. The exercises he gave were of a slower pace than the first one I had, because he realised my leg wasn’t ready for those “higher-level” stuff.

Also, side-note, he’s quite good-looking hahaha had to control myself so I wouldn’t keep looking at him. Well, to quote a friend, all of us enjoy looking at all things attractive – yes regardless of whether they are human or things.

Anyway. End of the month coming in 2 days. I’m still believing for a miracle.


Haste Makes Waste

I remember there was this year during a church conference, God gave me a vision as I was worshipping Him. It was a vision of me busy figuring how out to capture the scenery before me. I was so busy with my camera that I neglected to enjoy what was before me. I was then told to take a pause and enjoy it for what it is; don’t miss the moment.

I guess this vision kinda became quite literal and apparent to me during one of my trips last year. I was in Taiwan with a friend and we had a pair of mushrooms that glow in the dark. The minsu owner very kindly lent me his tripod because he saw that I had a DSLR in my hands and figured that I’m into photography. My friend and I brought the mushrooms back to our room. While she watched videos on her phone, there I was trying to figure out the settings on the camera to get the best shot. Switched on the lights, switched off the lights, got the torch, hit that button, rearrange my set-up, google for photography tips – put these on repeat. When I was finally satisfied, I asked her what time it was and was surprised to find out that 2 hours had gone past. Sorry heh.

That, though, made me realise there is some truth to that vision.

Fast forward to the recent episode of the ankle injury. Other than forcing me to take a break, it certainly taught me to slow down. 

Initially, I treated it as a joke when I thought to myself that I learnt that not all things can be rushed, such as buses and trains. So many times I’ve watched them pass me by right before my eyes. Yet there’s nothing I could do unless I don’t mind falling flat on my face. And even if I wanted to run for them, I could only afford to limp further with each step.

And these few days, when I put my phone down to spend time with God, I would be close to close off in prayer and pick up my phone again in less than 15 minutes. Quite a few times I thought I heard God saying to me, can’t you just wait? Okay, I can… (less than a minute later) So what am I supposed to think about or do right now? You know my mind will drift right?

And then back to my activities. If I couldn’t slow down last time, I think it has gotten worse.

I got off crutches lately, over the time I spent with my grandparents in Ipoh. Slightly before that, I started practising walking without aid and without limping. The extended (because I need not travel on my own and hence not need a crutch) practice in Ipoh helped me to be more confident and comfortable in walking. 

After the Ipoh trip, I began to pick up pace. December – I have just a month and a half left to have my ankle ready for long hikes and swims in the sea in Thailand. I got to recover as quickly as I can. It hurts less in the day and as much as I can, I try to walk without limping and quickly. My ankle often ended up hurting at night after walking too much by the end of the day.

Just this afternoon, I stood up and felt a sharp pain on my knee when I placed my weight on that injured foot. I thought it would go away after some time – you know like how sometimes our body has random but temporary pains? But it didn’t after an hour, and it got me worried. I googled and found out that apparently, a bad ankle injury can lead to injuries on the knee as it tries to compensate for what the ankle cannot do. This is not funny anymore man. And this has to happen just 4 days after my appointment with the specialist that I’ve waited 2 months for.

But yes, once again, it’s another reminder to slow down. Feel the pain, take time to nurse that injury.

Also coincided with the (recent) constant reminder to take time to feel the heartache, to acknowledge it, and take time to nurse it.

It seems like learning to slow down has been a long journey for me. Time and again, I’m reminded to slow down and take time. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. I just keep feeling the need to be doing something, to be occupied. Slow down, yes I will try. Tried walking real slow from church to the train station just now.

O God, I pray that the pains in the ankle and in the knee will not stay with me. I love and I cherish my active lifestyle and I want to get back to it. Heal me, I pray! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Haste Makes Waste

Meeting the Boss

Met the boss last week after service. We started the conversation with me sharing about my past 6 months of serving in the worship ministry, as well as my defining moments.

The first thing I said was to remind him that I had once shared about my insecurities. I told him that they went into the journey with me, but that the belief that it was God who called me here brought me through each of those weeks that I struggled. Those struggles persisted for like 5 or 6 months.

I’m glad that I was honest to myself, to him and to those who care, about this part of me. It makes talking about those insecurities easier. And more importantly, this tells people how serious I am whenever I say that I stand here by grace. There is no way I would have gotten here by my own efforts. These insecurities are one of those barriers to why I wouldn’t be here, if not for grace that carried me here.

Shared about the defining moments I had as well. The grace shown to me in this ministry on that particular practice was one that opened my eyes to my fellow servants’ hearts in serving God. There was another as well, but I was too shy to tell the boss directly that I was inspired by how he practised till 5am and served on that day even though he was sick. That was a defining moment because it was then that I realised that even a player as seasoned as he is required that much practice. And to see the heart he has behind serving God – to the extent of staying up till 5am – was quite wow. So I told him indirectly that I was encouraged when I saw that seasoned musicians in the ministry also practised for hours, because that made me realise how it isn’t about how “new” or how “old” someone is in the ministry. It’s all about practising, and that was the point where I laid down my insecurities and simply focus on practising songs. That was a turning point, a breakthrough in my time here. Insecurities no longer had a hold on me since then.

Boss built upon this when I paused. He told me that I wasn’t the first to have thought that way, because he had new musicians being surprised that boss practised for as many hours as he did. Well, I would have been as well. It’s the mentality that after some time, there will be a toolbox built from previous uses. It will then be easier to pick out techniques that I need from a box of tools, and then after it’s just about using that tool. That’s something I had wished for myself in time to come.

But boss made a good point. He agreed that it’s true that after some time, certain techniques are easier to pick up. However, he said that will only be because of the years of practice that allows those skills to be built up over time. At the end of the day, it’s still about faithfulness in practising. Just like what the Bible often says about faithfulness.

He had me fill in the blanks for this statement – “In the past 6 months of serving, it has been ______.” After thinking for about half a minute or so, I answered “… filled with fear and trembling”. He told me that it’s natural, and even shared with me the kind of nervousness he used to experience when he was younger. He was literally shakened when he was asked to play. When he went on with sharing about how he used to look at others in the ministry and thought to himself that he would never come close to where they are (e.g. listening to something and figuring out chord progressions), it’s something that I can identify with. This is just like how I am currently looking at him, HY, Nigel, etc. I guess I wouldn’t have imagined that there’s this part of him. To me, he’s someone who is naturally-talented, so it never occurred to me that he feels un-confident of playing in front of people or that there was a point in time that music did not make sense to him.

That meeting with boss was a fruitful one, I would say. In that… I realised that I’m not alone in my struggles, but that there are people who experience(d) these things as well. It changed my perspectives to some extents. It also made me rethink the beliefs that I long hold. For instance, I was telling him that I really think that I have no musical talents, and he interrupted me by saying, “that’s what you think of yourself”. He then asked me why is it that I think of myself that way, and I realised that it could be because of a remark that my piano teacher once made (my piano teacher told us frankly that my sister is more talented in music, but even though I’m not as talented, I was dilligent). I still don’t see whatever talents he might think I have, but anyway, those words and that question made me realise that I’ve insisted on my beliefs based on what someone has said. Well, it’s not that I think I’m talented now, but I guess I shall be less fixated on this lack of talent comment and maybe… see with new lenses what possible talents there are. Still strange to think of myself that way, but okay gonna try to put on fresh lenses.

Thankful for that short 30 minutes of genuine exchange of stories. Oh and one of the things that made me excited was when he informed me that I am to have a mentor to guide me through the next 3 months! :D Haven’t been so excited about having a mentor in a while hahaha excited to learn new things!

Meeting the Boss

To love

Was seized by fear the day before, and it bothered me for pretty much the whole night till I went to bed. The moment when I decided to take a careful look at it was when a friend asked if there was anything she could pray for me for. I struggled to put that into words, partly because I don’t really like verbalising my feelings and partly because that fear was rather “unprocessed” that I didn’t know how to even talk about it.

I feared coming close to people. Because when that happens, I risk letting myself go up and down along with the state of the friendship. And that can be quite draining. My first instinct would be to run, to build walls, to hide – but these no longer make sense to me. That was why I decided to talk about it with that friend who asked if she could pray for me, because I felt trapped – I guess I kinda know that it will be bad for any parties involved if I simply run away. Yet at the same time, I didn’t know how I should deal with that fear. Well, didn’t really share much with her since I wasn’t sure what was exactly happening, but as I spent time alone afterwards, I learnt quite a few things about myself. Things that I would hate to admit.

It’s only until yesterday when I returned to an empty house after a long day out that I actually sat down to talk to God about this. I had wondered if I had placed too much in people (like what my friend kinda suggested), so much so that my relationship with them affects how I am. So, if things were placed rightly, there wouldn’t be pain if I lose them? I was then reminded of Jesus and Judas, and the question that came was this – did it not hurt Jesus when Judas betrayed him? Was it not painful? It sure was, even for this Man who set the standards for how we love God and love one another.

Concluded that that pain would be reasonable. I was then reminded of this statement that said, “To love at all is to be vulnerable”. I went to Google it, and I found out that it was written by C. S. Lewis. This was what I found:

To love at all is to be vulnerable.  Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken.  If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal.  Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket—safe, dark, motionless, airless—it will change.  It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. 

Surely then, it’s a risk to take. It’s dangerous in some sense; or at least not 100% safe. Decided that alright, I’ll take that risk. What that quote said felt like a “It’s either you live by loving, or you die by shutting yourself away from it. There’s no in between.” So I guess, I choose to love.

A next question came along, and I told God that I feel like I love too much. And I felt that I have a problem with moderating the way I love – most of the time, it’s either too much or I simply don’t care. Interestingly, I was just looking at that same quote when it led me to something else that C.S. Lewis said.

It is probably impossible to love any human being simply “too much.”  We may love him too much in proportion to our love for God; but it is the smallness of our love for God, not the greatness of our love for the many that constitutes the inordinacy….But the question whether we are loving God or the earthly Beloved “more” is not, so far as concerns our Christian duty, a question about the comparative intensity of two feelings.  The real question is, which (when the alternative comes) do you serve, choose, or put first?  To which claim does your will in the last resort yield?”

That was an interesting conversation on love. Definitely learnt something new about love. And it really felt like a two-way conversation. For now, I guess I have two things to work on after reading these: 1, to abandon that fear 2, to love God more.

To love