What a surprise, today marks my 1-year anniversary of working. To think I actually made it thus far, and I’m still here.

The few days leading up to today, I thought I would pop a champagne for myself (that sorta thing). But when today came – it’s just another ordinary day haha but well, at least it feels more like an accomplishment than I had when I finished my last paper in uni. 

Guess today, the “celebration” will be to do this unthinkable thing for the third time – appearing on TV. Gonna be on a whole new level today to mark this special day (called anniversary), by appearing on national TV, live. On the news. Like, really? I have to do something I don’t know… live? On the news? Unthinkable because I never expected myself to appear on TV, ever, and yet I’m doing this for the third time. And unthinkable to do it live. What I’ve learnt: Fluff – both the behind-the-scenes and myself are of much fluff.

Celebration has been interesting since I was 21. Yeah, made it into the ambulance and got admitted into the hospital for the first time in my life (other than the day I was born) a few days before I turned 21. How memorable, and what an experience.

Okay I’m just bored at work right now so I’m writing stuff here. Maybe I’ll just get my favourite cake for myself to celebrate after I leave the studio.


Missing a friend

There’s so much that I can be thankful for today, feeling so blessed! Thank You God, for such a sweet day :)

Was amused by a dream I had this morning. I dreamt of this friend whom I haven’t talked to since December. And the only time she crossed my mind recently was like Tuesday night when she wasn’t there for a dinner. So the dream came rather randomly, but it did make me miss this friend a little more haha

On this day 8 years ago, I walked out of school and made my way home. I took a bus to the MRT station when I bumped into another friend – who was supposed to be part of the surprise but she couldn’t make it cos of another appointment – and I thought it weird. I suspected something was going on (though she turned out to be not part of the surprise). So I took out my phone, and this friend whom I dreamt of texted something along the lines of “If you are my friend, you better come back to school now.” Well, she’s a close enough friend to demand something like that from me, all the time lol.

The surprise failed and that was why she had to get me back to school in that way – just so that they could carry on with their plan. We were all in different JCs then, but they travelled from all over Singapore so I guess we had to make their trip worth the while hahaha. We had a good laugh on that day. Even though that was a failed surprise, I appreciate the effort, the thoughts and the love behind it. 

Miss this friend man. If only we have the luxury of time to meet more often…

Missing a friend

Wishlist HAHA

I’ve got so many things at home that, if these were $ I think I’ll be quite rich. I blame it on sentimentality hahaha. I remember just a few months ago I met up with a few girls from the ex-cell group and those of us who admitted to having problems with keeping our rooms tidy are those who keep all sorts of cards and gifts from people. 

At this age I have got no clue what to tell those who ask what I would want for my birthday. Well, some ideas come when it’s not my birthday but then I forget about them. So I guess, a better note for people who want to buy me stuff is to just pass me cash. Some people might find that offensive but I’ll appreciate it loads. 

I always tell people closer to me that the things I really want are things that I can’t afford. And so, I doubt these will be things that any other friends will be willing to pay for, so I can’t possibly tell my friends what these things are also right? A better way would be to pass me any amount of money you are willing to spend on me – even if it’s $1 – because one day I might just gather enough money from different people to buy something I’ve been eyeing on for years. Great idea right? ^^ Though if anyone really knows what are some of those little things that would make me smile/laugh like mad, please feel free to get them. A little surprise every now and then will definitely be more than welcome. 

Simple heartfelt words are very welcome too, for someone whose love language is words :) Just saying… I’m not that materialistic you know hahaha!

Blogging about this on such a random day because I’m packing my room and I’m just standing there looking at those piles helplessly.

Wishlist HAHA


I think this is worth a post despite the state I am in.

Some people are really amazing. I don’t always see amazing people, but at times when I see them, I just… can’t help it but to feel touched by how far they would go for someone like me.

Why would this friend even bother? I really wonder why. Who am I, even, to “deserve” having a friend to go so far for me – this time round quite literally. Ever since the first time she celebrated my birthday with me, I think I’ve almost never failed to feel touched by her efforts during this period of every year.

Or maybe I should ask, who is this friend in my life? And how should I even regard this friendship?


And also vague I know. Just wanted to express my amazement. Alright, time to sleep.


“Are you my friend?”

Because if you are, you come back right now.

That was the “threat” I received on my 17th birthday, from a friend who was dear to me. I was already on my way home when they got into my school in hopes of ambushing me. Haha still find it funny as I look back. Just randomly got reminded of this incident by FB.

Was also thinking about such times last night. Will I still do surprises? I think I’ll like to plan and execute them still. But it also makes me wonder if growing up means people stop doing such things for one another. Maybe cos we are busy and only have a time for a text (the fact that they even remember is not bad though), or that we think it’s a childish thing to play, or that… is there not a friend who is worth that time and effort for us to go all the way out for anymore? Talk about being jaded in life, being jaded about friendships in this case.

Guess this is still something for me to discover in the years to come, as I spend time getting to know adults more. As for now, I hope I will still put in efforts for friends though. I hope. If being an adult means no playing or not being crazy for any moment, then count me out. There are some things about adulthood that I don’t wish to be included in, thanks. As always, still dislike the thought of being a typical adult even though I’m now an adult.

“Are you my friend?”


My mom decided to serve me this morning. Not that she usually doesn’t, but she seemed more intentional with wanting to bless me on my birthday. Sounds so strange to put it this way lol. Anyway, she got out of the house 50 mins before she had to leave for work so as to buy me breakfast. And when she got back, she asked if I would like some hard-boiled eggs.

My first reaction was no, because I had much to eat and I don’t really eat so much in the mornings. When she asked that question, though, she seemed really excited to cook me some. And that excitement faded a little when I let out a no. So I was like, “oh yes, I want an egg.”

Was thinking about this and I thought… Serving is loving, that’s what we always think. That’s why we serve. But I guess sometimes letting others serve/bless us is a way of loving them as well.

Also. Reading this out of context in any ways will likely cause some misunderstandings lol feeling so strange to type out this thing I was thinking about this morning.


Was clearing my stuff the other day when I saw this piece of paper with the chords to this song. No idea why I have it, when I don’t even know the song. So I searched for the song on YouTube and was reminded of someone.

So here’s this song, to a leader whom I’ve always had high regards for. Happy birthday :)

You’ll never know
What you’ve done for me
What your faith in me
Has done for my soul

You’ll never know
The gift you’ve given me
I’ll carry it with me

Through the days ahead
I think of days before
You made me hope for something better (yes you did)
And made me reach for something more

You taught me to run
You taught me to fly
Helped me to free the me inside
Help me hear the music of my heart
Help me hear the music of my heart
You’ve opened my eyes
You’ve opened the door
To something I’ve never known before
And your love
Is the music of my heart

You were the one
Always on my side
Always standing by
Seeing me through

Everywhere I go
I think of where I’ve been

Cause you always saw in me
All the best that I could be