Prepare our hearts

Had a conversation with the boss about religion the other day. She’s not a believer but got one or two things right. One of it was this: Christians attend service week in and week out without preparing to receive. They turn up in church waiting to see if something strikes a chord. If they are moved that day, good for them. If they aren’t, they just step out of the church like nothing happened.

Hence the questions: Why do we go at length to prepare our hearts for conference yet do nothing to prepare ourselves for service? Why do we prepare ourselves for mission’s trip but not for service? And then we wonder why we experience God so much more powerfully on a mission’s trip as compared to leading our daily lives here. Instead of God being “biased”, I think it has a lot to do with our hearts’ posture, isn’t that the case?

For the third consecutive week, the struggle continues. Why am I waking up on a Sunday morning? What am I waking up for? I don’t know how long more I can keep on going with this struggle. No idea when will be the day I decide I’m out of steam, out of strength, to go on with this.

Prepare my heart next Saturday night, and let’s see.

Prepare our hearts

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