Between 7th and 8th Storeys

C: Where ya now?

I’m hiding from the crowd between level 7 and 8

Felt horrible when I sat in the midst of the people partying in the hall. After I finished my dinner, I had the thought of going off, but then that would mean leaving C to be alone when she arrived. 

As I headed towards the lift and was close to ditching her just like that, I walked past the stairwell and saw someone sitting there. Brilliant! That shall be my hiding place too. So I picked the next corner in the stairwell, which was unfortunately exposed to some people. But well, better than being in the midst of the crowd. So I sat there and scrolled through social media, waiting for someone familiar to arrive. Guess that’s my pit stop.

Symptoms of introvertion magnified tonight. Felt overwhelmed by the sights and sounds all around me. Was easily frustrated, didn’t want to look up at anyone, and was hoping no one unfamiliar came over to talk. Like Lwee, I was caught in a dilemma between coming here and heading home to exercise. I came and I wondered why.

Between 7th and 8th Storeys

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