My Provider

Was supposed to have worship practice last evening. I got up in the morning and began to plan how I was going to rush there by 7.30pm after my “compulsory” OT which would end around 7ish. Decided to take a cab. I was hoping that it wouldn’t rain as well, because rain and a huge block of wood that absorbs moisture (a.k.a. the guitar) don’t go well together. But well, worse come to worse, I would just take a cab home. A little tight on cash, but the rides are necessary.

Midway through the day, I asked my boss how she would want me to hand her the company’s vehicle after my OT. After thinking about it, and with changes in plans here and there, she decided that I should just drive it home. 

That meant that I could rush off to worship practice immediately after OT. Didn’t have to call and wait for a cab. And that also meant I didn’t need to worry about any rain because I had a vehicle to drive my guitar in.

WOOHOOO! Thank You, God, for providing for me in such a way. Thank You for letting me know You know my need :) 

Thankful too, for a little incident that happened today. My colleague, whom I had known to be anti-religion, called me over to show me an article about Jesus Christ’s tomb. Was genuinely surprised that he would share that article with me. 

Finding thanksgiving in my everyday. I guess this would help me to see how God works in my life. This was how He got rid of the mundanity of a routined life 13 years ago. Now that work sure feels like a routine and somewhat lacking in purpose (or at least I’m not seeing how I’m making an impact… yet?), thanksgiving shall me remind me of God’s Presence in my everyday life. His Presence will make all things beautiful!

My Provider

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